Prag 2019: Submission #4

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LAFODIA Sea Resort
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Lafodia Sea Resort is situated on the scenic seafront of Lopud island, the proper gem of Elaphiti archipelago that lies northwest of the UNESCO’s Old city of Dubrovnik. Carved into a cliffside, it is one of the most unique 4-star hotels in Croatia, surrounded by the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and lush Mediterranean vegetation. The marvelous natural setting is the perfect solution for people looking for a world without borders, where you can let yourself go and forget about the everyday life.
Quiet surroundings and relaxing atmosphere of this car-free island are combined with our impeccable service. Experience the extensive offer of our stylish bars and restaurants, immerse in a luxurious spa center or simply relax on the private beach, soaking up the sun. Stay fit even throughout your holiday by visiting our gym, tennis and sport courts or explore various excursions and book transfers at our hotel travel agency.
+385 20 450 360
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