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DMK Vall 042
I. Cankara 9a
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We are a DMC with focus on gastro tourism and disc golf (frisbee golf) events.
We focus on event management and publishing, we work as a travel agency, and we also work in design and production. We even organize and design team building programmes.
We are a proactive business, and our wealth of experience in various fields, connected with a clear vision, is what inspires us and drives our business successes – all with the aim of satisfying the broader social interest, as well as providing solid solutions to specific demands.
We organize disc golf (Frisbee golf) recreational tournaments and disc golf themed excursions. Our biggest project so far was hosting the 12th European disc golf championships, but along to that, in the past 7 years, we have run over 40 tournaments attended by players from all over the World.
We run PUT Tourism Fair, one of the most important tourism congresses in Croatia.
Through the Way to Croatia Magazine project, we inform travel agencies and tour operators of tourism-related content and contacts for Croatia exclusively.
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