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Terra Croatica Adventure Travel
Dubovac 11
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Terra Croatica Adventure Travel is a travel agency and destination management company. It is one of the first companies established in Croatia based on open adventurous activities - adventure tourism. Our offer includes first of all - outdoor activities (kayaking, rafting,cycling, walking, swimming), team building program, city breaks, castle&wine programs, multi-day trips; all in Croatia. Guests are part of our experienced and adventurous team, on their way to explore the natural beauty of Croatia. Terra Croatica Adventure Travel is on the market more than 13 years.
Our guests have the opportunity to feel the soul of Croatian local communities through gastronomy, history, nature and sport (walking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, rafting). Terra Croatica Adventure Travel cooperate and make partnerships at home, abroad and with online companies. We have an enviable number of rafting and kayaking equipment sets, and our skippers have international licenses. Programs are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of tourists - who is active, informed, finicky; who is hungry of experience and different stories about traveling.
Adventurous activities and active tourism in beautiful Croatia! Company is active participant in many projects of outdoor and adventure tourism, member of the Community of Adventure Tourism at the Croatian Chamber of Economy. TCAT has active participation in the development of programs and tourism promotion at the Karlovac County and whole region and is a UHPA member. Company participates in foreign and domestic fairs. The largest agency for adventure activities and adventure tourism in Karlovac with its surroundings and very proud to carry the certificate of excellence 2018 from TripAdvisor.
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