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The special issue of „Tabi" magazine (in Japanese "tabi" means travel) entitled „Through Croatia in an easy-going style" presents the Istrian and Dubrovnik region and the island of Hvar. The report consists of several parts that present the sights, restaurants, shops, traditional dishes and beverages and old crafts, such as the traditional style of forming gold by Dubrovnik jewelers and the method of making the Hvar lace. Useful information, quality photographs and texts, the portrayal of Croatian culture and tradition, gastro and wine offer according to regions and places, contributed in making this report the most-viewed TV report about Croatia in 2007.

Journalist: Mrs. Akiko Yoshida (Mrs. Akiko Yoshida has worked in the publishing house «Shinchosha» since 2000 and she was one of the authors of the two Kitano Takeshi novels and several other novels. In 2003, the publishing house «Shinchosha» included the magazine „Tabi" in its almanac and Mrs. Yoshida was asked to contribute her knowledge and experience to „Tabi" editing office, a magazine specialized in tourism) 

Print run: 50.000 copies

Size of the report: 77 pages

Date of publishing: June 2007


As a part of the show „Tabi salad, the television show «Tabi salad Croatia» aired on the national television TV ASAHI in four series in October 2007. The show's running time is one hour and a half and the presentation of Croatia lasted around 25 minutes per show. Japanese actress-painter Maako Kido is the hostess of the show and together we discover the beauties and charms of Croatia. Beside beautiful nature and turquoise blue-green sea, it also shows the old city cores, numerous types of Croatian culinary art and things that represents Croatia best, the quality of life which is lived to be enjoyed. The report was filmed in Dubrovnik, Korčula, Plitvice, Zagreb, Istria and Rovinj. The show had very high ratings and has greatly contributed in portraying Croatia to Japanese audience

Journalist: Mrs. Tomoko Kiriyama (Mrs. Tomoko Kiriyama is the producer and director of the entire TV programme «Tabi salad» from the beginning of its airing which started 15 years ago. There are two programmes within the show: „Foreign Countries" and „The Journal of the Stay". Mrs. Kiriyama is the producer and director of the first and the producer of the second programme. Beside the show «Tabi salad», she participated in the realization of the documentary on Jacques Maillol „Free diving" and she is currently working independently on the documentary „Words and landscapes I wish to leave to my children").

Date of broadcast: 10th September 2007

Ratings: 1.623.000 viewers