Representative Office Hungary


The cooperation with Ágnes Féderer began back in 1997. Since we knew her preferences for Croatia, we often persuaded her to move to Croatia and to write for Hungarian media from here, since the Hungarian media space provides a small amount of everyday information on Croatia. She participated in our study trips to Croatia almost every year. The results of this cooperation are numerous sections in her parent newspaper Népszabadság, but she also wrote about Croatia in other newspapers, sections, weekly newspapers, magazines, on radio stations, on televisions and films. However, the crowning features of her activity are special web pages as a part of the parent portal of the daily newspaper Népszabadság She is widely appreciated by readers in Hungary as well as by her colleagues; she won several professional journalism prizes and acknowledgements. Her reputation is also evident from the fact that, without her, there would not be any „adria" web pages on the portal of her parent newspaper. Her preferences for Croatia, Dalmatia in particular, are evident from the fact that she has learned to speak Croatian. There are numerous columns on the above mentioned web pages where one can read the most important and the newest information on Croatia, as well as some useful information, recommendations (on the weather in Croatia, winds, sea quality, where to eat, where to stay, how to get to the desired destination, about active holiday, ferry service, highways and their conditions, the advice on how to find the best answers to frequently asked questions and more...), this is almost all one can also find on our web pages and additionally on the pages of some of the numerous travel agencies. However, her column "Az én Adriám" (translated as "My Adriatic"), which is actually her blog, shows her love, preferences and understanding of Croatia and the Croatians in the best possible way.

Journalist: Ágnes Féderer (Ágnes Féderer wrote for the newspaper in Budapest for 17 years and dreamed of Croatian sea for 10 years). In 2007 she moved to Split and then to Slovenia where she has started living from the end of that same year. The cooperation between the journalist and the Croatian National Tourist Board's representative office in Hungary has lasted for more than 10 years and the results are numerous sections in her parent daily newspaper „Népszabadság", however she wrote about Croatia in many other newspapers as well. The crowning features of her activity are special web pages as a part of the parent portal of the daily newspaper Népszabadság She picked the other name „Jadranka" herself)

Date of publishing: 2007


The series aired on RTL Klub television entitled Adria Ahogyan mi szeretjük! (translated as: "Adriatic, as we prefer it"). The series features renowned Hungarian actors who visited several of our destinations and presented Croatian tourism values to Hungarian viewers in short stories. It has been estimated that the series realized over 40 million contacts with Hungarian viewers.

Journalist: László Szűcs (realizer and director, producer of the series broadcasted on RTL Klub television, Adria. Ahogyan mi szeretjük! The cooperation between the Croatian National Tourist Board's representative office in Budapest and this reporter has been lasting since 1999 and the peak of cooperation was last year's campaign carried out on the commercial television RTL TV Klub and in several newspapers in Hungary. On the proposal made by Mr. Szűcs, this was the first time that the campaign was carried out by a series of shorter films and not through promotional videos.)

Date of broadcast: year 2007

Length of the report: 8.6 hours (520 minutes)

Ratings: 20.2 million contacts