Co-exhibiting application form (contract)

As the dimensions of the stands are different, the majority of co-exhibition spaces will vary, while the exact size of all co-exhibition spaces will be known following the applications for co-exhibition, i.e. after the exact dimensions of stands are received from the fair organizer and following the creation of the stand floor plan for each individual fair. The Croatian Tourist Board will, within its means, meet the co-exhibitors' needs regarding the size of the co-exhibition space. At congress fairs, there is only one co-exhibition space option available.

A novelty at the stand of the Croatian Tourist Board at fairs in 2020, organized by the Head Office, is that the Exhibitor is to pay the rental costs for their exhibition at the stand of the Croatian Tourist Board, defined by the organizer, as well as 50% of the arrangement costs, defined by the technical contractor selected through a public tender, while the remaining amount of the arrangement costs is to be borne by the Croatian Tourist Board as follows: 50% of the arrangement costs at general fairs (general, nautical, camping) and 100% at congress exhibitions. Since funds for the costs of arranging the co-exhibition spaces within the budget of the Croatian Tourist Board are limited, they will be available to operators that deliver the agreements/application forms until the funds are exhausted. If the funds are spent before the end of the application period for co-exhibition, the Croatian Tourist Board will no longer be able to bear the arrangement costs, and the co-exhibitors will be required to pay the full arrangement cost for their co-exhibition space.

The price of co-exhibition varies in relation to the size of the co-exhibition space, and it includes the price of renting and arranging the stand that the tenant/co-exhibitor undertakes to pay to the Croatian Tourist Board. Please fill out the price section in the agreement/application form, in accordance with the rental and arrangement costs indicated for each fair.

Detailed information can be found in the Co-exhibition Agreement.