Video Bank

The Croatian National Tourist Board's promotional videos show only a glimpse of what one can experience in Croatia: a rich gastronomic offer, developed types of tourism, such as activity, medical and nautical tourism, a bountiful and valuable natural and cultural heritage and cultural events, as well as walking and biking trails.

In order to fully experience Croatia, you will have to come and visit us to see first-hand its authenticity, uniqueness and, above all, genuine beauty. Regardless of your interests and preferences, Croatia truly has plenty to offer all year round.

If you feel like
You deserve to run away...
You deserve to cool off...
You deserve to catch some air...
You deserve to take it slow...
You deserve to hang out...
...then you'll be happy to know that all the things you deserve
...are closer than you think.
Croatia. The vacation you deserve.

Can you imagine a better vacation than days and days of sunshine and crystal clear sea?
Visit Croatia and discover numerous islands and its lovely seaside – sailing the Adriatic Sea is a must when planning your Mediterranean holiday!

The beautiful winter season in vibrant Croatia – this is when Christmas magic spreads all over Croatian cities and towns, bringing a charming dose of holiday spirit to every corner of our country.
Experience it this year and enjoy your Advent vacation in Croatia, both at our renowned Christmas

Take a Tour of Champions in the Tiny Country Which Dared to Dream:
Visit the city where Marin Čilić found his love!
Visit and discover Mario Mandžukić’s Slavonia and its tremendous food and wine
Visit the National Parks approved by Ivan Rakitic
See a concert in Pula’s Arena – approved by the 2Cellos
Visit the birth town of Luka Modrić
Hit the basket on Dražen Petrović’s court like Dario Šarić
See one of the most beautiful Croatian buildings in the birth town of Dario Šarić
Visit one of the sunniest coast lines in Euope and find out who is the biggest Croatian musician in Croatia and it’s not Maksim Mrvica
Enjoy coffee on any of Croatia’s squares like Zrinka Cvitešić
See the Grič cannon fire off in the city of Mateo Kovačić
You will never walk alone on any of Croatia's hiking trails maybe you will meet Dejan Lovren
When you want to lift your spirits sky high, come to Croatia!

All too often our daily routine, we fill our lives with days. We need to be reminded that in order to feel truly happy and fulfilled, we should fill our days with life! Every human being has a profound need to fill themselves up with all the good things life has to offer: good food, beautiful landscapes, relaxing environments and charming people, etc. Places that are full of these experiences are energising and inspiring. Everyone needs to visit somewhere that is full of life from time to time. And Croatia is definitely one of those places! Croatia is bursting with experiences, places and different Mediterranean lifestyles. Croatia is a young country with a fresh energy that will fill you up with pure life. Don’t fill your life with days, fill your days with life. Croatia, Full of Life.