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"Meeting e congressi" is a monthly magazine by Ediman publishing house that published a great deal of reports about Croatia in all its issues during the entire 2007 (Incentivare, Turismo d'Affari, etc.). Out of these we particularly single out the 8.5-page report on Zagreb which was published in October 2007 with the title: Zagabria con brio (Zagreb with a smile, joy, full of drive). In this special report the city of Zagreb is presented through beautiful photographs, with its historical core, the recognizable architecture of squares and places where significant congress meetings and events take place nowadays.

Journalist: Luciana Francesca Rebonato (editor of the magazine „Meeting e congressi", member of ETP - European Travel Press and GIST - Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica. From her years-long professional experience and journalistic work we single out the following: she was the co-author on the preparation of the almanac L'annuario del Turismo 2007; the making of Grand Tour monograph, the director of the monthly magazine In Vacanza, newspaper articles in various tourism newspapers from wide audience and trade; correspondent from Lombardy for the trade Travelling Interline International with the headquarters in Rome.)

Print run: 30.000 copies

Size of the report: 8.5 pages

Date of publishing: October 2007


The 85-minute TV show „Linea blu", aired on RAI UNO in prime-time was entirely dedicated to the beauties of central and northern Dalmatia, it presented the historic core of Split, National Park Krka, National Park Kornati, Murter, Nature Park Telašćica. This is a very prestigious tourism show that has been viewed for years by numerous viewers in Italy and abroad. In 2006 they realized an average rating of 16% or 2.000.000 viewers per show. Linea Blu is aired on Saturdays in prime-time right after the news at 2 p.m. and lasts around 60 - 80 minutes. The show «Costa dalmata della Croazia» realized a record rating share of 22% with 2.800.000 viewers. 

Journalist: Donatella Bianchi (She started working for television when she was 15 for the programme „Domenica In" hosted by Corrado. Her artistic career was complemented by several entertainment programmes and various participations in these programmes until she was 18, after which she decided to become a journalist. She is a contributor for „Gente Viaggi" and other monthly and weekly magazines where she writes about tourism, environment and cultural treasures. From 1989 to 1992 she hosted and edited the feature „Viaggi d'Autore" for the show „Sereno Variabile". In 1994 RaiUno launched a new programme that deals exclusively with sea. Journalists Puccio Corona, Lino Matti and Donatella Bianchi were hired as TV hosts.)

Date of broadcast: 28th July 2007

Length: 85 minutes

Ratings: 22%