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The report entitled „Peninsula de Istria - La costa más azul de Croacia" („The Istrian peninsula - the clearest Croatian coast) on 20 pages in one of the most widely read tourism magazines in Spain, „Viajar". The nominated report talks about Istria and its history, the cultural wealth evident in the diversity of styles in the cities from Poreč to Pula, the well-tended nature, it speaks of the cosmopolitan citizenship and quality tourist offer.

Journalist: Jaime González de Castejón, (born in 1963, is a freelancer specialized in travel reports and has been a regular contributor to the magazine „Viajar" since 2002. He is an ardent traveller and loves cultures which he discovers through his travels. He has travelled through 5 continents so as to realize his reports. As a freelancer, he publishes reports in other Spanish media as well.)

Print run: 60.000 copies

Size of the report: 20 pages

Date of publishing: August 2007


The show „Planeta Finito" which was filmed in Croatia in April 2007 was first aired in May and since then it had two repeats.

The TV channel „La Sexta" is a private channel and the production of the programme „Planeta Finito is under the responsibility of the company „Globomedia", the most important film company in Spain, founded in 1993.

Journalist: Ángeles García Mayor (Ángeles García Mayor works as Globomedia's production director and is responsible for the launch of the entire series of popular shows for Spanish National Television, and for a number of other national and regional TV stations, among which are: Antena 3TV, La Sexta, ETB1, Telecinco, Telemadrid, etc.)

Date of broadcast: 5th May 2007 and 15th August 2008

Ratings: 4%