Representative Office Switzerland


The magazine „Tages Anzeiger" published a wonderful and very informative article on 10 pages that describes the beauties of our coast from Istria to Cavtat. The report was followed by numerous telephone calls by Swiss people who were enchanted with the article.

Journalist: Peter Niklaus Trösch (he became involved in journalism ever since he was a boy, as a child he was a news moderator for children's news on Swiss television. Since 1974 he has been the editor of one of the most influential Swiss daily paper Tages Anzeiger for the area of entertainment, travel and social chronicle.)

Print run: 225.287 copies

Size of the report: 10 pages

Date of publishing: May 2007


After the study trip to Dubrovnik in August 2007, Mr. Marco Horat prepared a 26-minute show "Lierba del vicino" about the history and culture of Dubrovnik which was aired on radio Rete Uno in September 2007.

Journalist: Marco Horat (Marco Horat has been working on Swiss Italian radio and RTSI television since 1974 as a producer and editor. He is the winner of numerous awards for his reports and shows. Today, he is in charge of production and broadcasting of entertainment programme on Channel One - rette on radio RSI, he is also the author of numerous texts for domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines. Since 1993 he has been the head of Ticino's Archaeological Association AAT)

Date of broadcast: September 2007

Ratings: 137.000

Length of the report: 26 minutes