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The magazines „Vim Avia" and UAM (Ural Airline Magazine) are popular publications that are available to readers on regular and charter Ural Airlines flights, on all airports in Russia and are sold at the newsagent's and in numerous supermarkets all over Russia. In 2007, a really striking series of reports was published on tourist Croatia. First, the 2nd issue (March/April 2007) of Ural Airline Magazine (UAM) published the report on naturism in Croatia. Then, there was a very interesting report about Croatia on 6 pages in the magazine Vim Avia no. 12 (April 2007) entitled „Croatia invites for a visit", with culinary specialties which tourists can enjoy while staying in our country, along with the presentation of the abundance and quality of Croatian wines. And at the end, in the third published report about tourist possibilities and beauties in Croatia in the magazine Vim Avia no.13 (May 2007) entitled Fashionably in Croatia, an emphasis was placed on special trends in the Croatian tourist offer.

Journalist: Olga Koinova (Olga Koinova has been the editor-in-chief and journalist for the Ural Airlines Magazine. She is the author of numerous articles on world tourism and different tourist destinations worldwide and, of course, numerous articles about Croatia.)

Date of publishing: March, April, May 2007


As a truly experienced and acknowledged journalist, the nominated journalist Iryna Gorobets has decided to portray Croatia in a series of reports in an unusual, but realistic and true light with very interesting attractions, viewed through the eyes of a tourist. Thus, first in the issue no. 2/2007 of the magazine International Tourism, the most acknowledged tourism magazine in the Ukraine, in the article „Europe - at first hand" she portrayed our country as stunningly beautiful, with people with a high level of cultural expertise. Immediately after this, in the issue no. 3/ 2007, Iryna Gorobets tried to masterfully describe Croatia with the words and in the manner how the Croatian Ambassador in the Ukraine, Mr. Željko Kirinčić sees our country. And finally, in the issue no. 4 of the magazine International tourism, entitled „Poreč - a heart in the core of Croatia", the journalist and editor-in-chief of this magazine described the town Poreč on 8 pages, as well as the entire Istrian region. This is just a part of what Iryna Gorobets does in promoting our country. However, it would really be difficult to name all her other activities through which she tries to promote and make tourist Croatia more accessible to the citizens of Ukraine.

Journalist: Iryna Gorobets (today, the journalist Iryna Gorobets is the head of the Tourism Publishing House which she also founded back in 1992, and with its help she published 3 editions: International Tourism, Catalogue of Tours International Tourism, Welcome to Ukraine Magazines. Iryna Gorobets is a member of FIJET, she owns the diploma granted by the Government of Dubai for a very successful promotion of Dubai as a tourist destination, the acknowledgement by the government of Malaysia for the promotion of Malaysia as a tourist destination. She is also an ambassador of good will for Ukraine and Israel).