Representative Office Slovakia


The section „Croatia" in the magazine „SME" was prepared (and partly written) by Mrs. Čevelová, who knows Croatia very well, in the form of a „summarized tourist guide" with the aim of bringing Croatia closer to its readers. She carefully balanced the overall important practical information for tourists (which are very useful while travelling to Croatia) with concrete contact data, information on Croatia's natural and cultural heritage, with sports and entertainment options, gastronomy and wine offer. 

Journalist: Jana Čevelová (Jana Čevelová is a renowned Slovakian journalist who has been working in the editorial office of the daily paper „SME" for several years and has been writing about tourism for a longer period of time. She knows the problem area very well, her articles are traditionally highly professional and apart from this, she knows Croatia very well (it is a matter of the heart to her) as well as its tourist offer.)

Print run: 105.000 copies

Size of the report: 16 pages

Date of publishing: May 2007