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The article „Distant submissive_secluded island - Vis" , published in the IN Magazine, which is the weekly supplement of the most renowned daily paper in Czech Republic, „Hospodarske noviny" and the overall contribution of Mr. Wehle as the editor-in-chief in promoting Croatia by a series of articles on Croatia published in the IN Magazine during 2007.

Journalist: Tomaš Wehle (Tomaš Wehle was born on 10th April 1977 in Plzen, Czech Republic. He finished the College of Education in Plzen and today he is working as the editor-in-chief of the IN Magazine, the weekly supplement of the Economic Newspaper)

Print run: 60.000 copies

Size of the report: 3 pages

Date of publishing: 25th July 2007


A 13-part series „Observations from other regions - Croatia through the eyes of Jaroslav Skalický", a joint project by Czech television - studio Ostrava and Czech radio aired on Czech television's programme from 31st October 2006 to 4th February 2007. The shooting was carried out as a part of the study tip from 10th to 24th September 2006 when the TV crew toured Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. The series itself consists of 13 episodes each 5 minutes long, aired on Czech television's 1st channel with 2 repeats on Czech television 1 and Czech television 2: „Welcome", „Zagreb - the green city", „Czech connections", „Lighthouse vacation", „Bevanda and gemišt" „Uncle, why is the sea salty?", „Tito's Brijuni", „Made in Croatia", „The fish swims three times", „Trogir - Dalmatian jewel", „Heaven on Earth", „Frogs from Neretva", „Glagolitic Alley". In these 13 episodes the author has in a very complex manner covered the Croatian everyday life, hospitality, natural beauties, not forgetting the particularities. This series has significantly contributed in bringing the Croatian everyday life, culture and sights closer to Czech viewers. 

Journalist: Jaroslav Skalický (Jaroslav Skalický dedicated his entire career to radio, particularly dealing with tourism and travelogue reporting. Today he works at the Czech radio. Few years ago he started cooperating with Czech television - studio Ostrava on the series of shows „Observations from other regions". He regularly publishes articles in acknowledged magazines „Lide a země" and „Země světa" where he made his contribution with a series of articles on Croatia for their monothematic issues.)

Date of broadcast: 31.10.2006 - 4.02.2007

Length of the report: 13 episodes, 5 minutes each; total: 65 minutes

Ratings: 400.000 viewers