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The March 2007 issue of Wanderlust, an extremely exclusive magazine specialized in eco-tourism, adventures, explorations, and active holiday in the destinations worldwide and with a global print run of 100.000 copies, published a special 10-page report about Croatia by the reporter Tony Kelly in the series „travel bluesprint" entitled: „CROATIA, Beyond The Hype". The report evoked the entire Croatia, the country, people, customs, and its various tourist offer for every taste and age. 

Journalist: Tony Kelly (Tony Kelly is a veteran of tourism journalism, a great friend and connoisseur of Croatia about which he published a significant number of reports in the press over the past ten years. He is the author of several special guides about Croatia. He has regularly been writing reports for British quality newspaper and magazines: the Times, Wanderlust, Sunday Express, RCI Holiday Magazine etc. He won journalism prizes, also including the British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW) Award, Best London Feature 2000, Majorca Tourist Board Diploma, Tourism Journalist of 2004 in the choice of the Spanish Tourist Office) 

Print run: 100.000 copies

Size of the report: 10 pages

Date of publishing: March 2007


As a result of the filming which was jointly organized for BBC World by the Croatian National Tourist Board and regional tourist boards in June 2007, the 30-minute show, the first in a series of three shows about Croatia, was aired on 27th July 2007 on the prestigious global network BBC World TV which is viewed worldwide. The programme was commented by the popular BBC World host Thallia Wadell-Pellegrini, and the show presented Kvarner, Cres, Pula, Brijuni and Zagreb.

Director: Mike London (Mike London has a years-long media experience as a journalist, reporter, director on radio and television, and he has been working at the BBC since 1995. In his role as a director and editor of BBC World's prestigious tourism/travelogue programme Fast Track, he filmed programmes worldwide, from Kazakhstan, Hong Kong to Peru in South America)

Date of broadcast: July 2007

Length of the report: 30 minutes