Representative Office Poland


Out of last year's 26 columns published in Newsweek by Mr. Bikont, only Croatia had the honor to be written about two times (except Poland). The headline of the text was „A culinary postcard".

In the introduction of the text itself the author used simple words in describing Croatia:

«Owing to the diversity of its cuisine, Croatia is an ideal holiday place for true gastro hedonists! ".

With a humorous and authentic photography, the text is enriched by adding the recipe at his choice, fresh caught scampi with gnocchi.

Journalist: Piotr Bikont (Journalist, publicist, culinary critic, theatre and film director, translator, performer. During the past several years Piotr Bikont has been mostly famous in a duet with one of the biggest media stars Robert Makłowicz (Robert Makłowicz is the winner of the Golden Pen award in 2005) and they jointly publish their own weekly columns on culinary art in the most famous and the most widely read Polish weekly paper Newsweek Polska.)

Print run: 350.000 copies

Size of the report: 1 page

Date of publishing: 29th July 2007


The report entitled: „Croatia behind the camera" with the running time of 7 minutes was filmed at the beginning of May 2007, as a part of a very successful project „Weather forecast live from Croatia" for TV stations: TVN Meteo and TVN 24, a Polish version of CNN, which was successfully organized by the mentioned TV stations and the Croatian National Tourist Board's representative office in Poland. Although it was not planned in the programme scheme, this programme was aired on the mentioned TV stations in several occasions.

Journalist: Agnieszka Cegielska (This is a young, beautiful and above all, smart Polish woman, who stupefies everybody who sees her or listens to her. This is mostly because of her really truthful art of persuasion regarding what she is talking and presenting. Although very young, Agnieszka is a routine professional with a significant life and work experience, she managed to travel and stay in various parts of the world, from Japan, Spain and other parts of the world.)

Date of broadcast: June 2007

Ratings: 1.500.000 viewers

Length of the report: 7 minutes