Representative Office Austria


The report entitled BORA describes the journalist's travel by motorbike from Istria down to southern Dalmatia. In an extremely characteristic manner he described all our tourist destinations (including our islands as well) he passed through, encounters and conversations he had with our hospitable hosts and he admired to our beautiful coast. He paid special attention to gastronomy and our prices. He reasoned all this with excellent photos. He provided a number of necessary information on how and under which conditions can one such trip be realized.

Journalist: Heinz Grötschnig (Heinz Grötschnig is a characteristic journalist who travels all over the world, from Tuscany, Palma de Mallorca to America, and he experienced the most beautiful moments in Croatia. He is a freelance journalist who publishes his articles in Alpe Adria Magazin, Motorrad magazin, Kleine Zeitung.)

Print run: 34.680 copies

Size of the report: 14 pages

Date of publishing: April 2007