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The report "Istrien - Kroatiens Toscana" in the Danish lifestyle magazine "Mad&Bolig" represents yet another side of Istria - the one distant from the coast and tourism; green hills and charming little villages with the focus on healthy food and intimate home-made atmosphere.

Journalist: Jesper With (Jesper With works as a freelance journalist with headquarters in Copenhagen. He has been writing about Croatia since 2002 with an emphasis on the society, politics and doing business in Croatia. However, he is increasingly writing about travelling to Croatia, its gastronomy, wines etc. He is married to a Croatian woman; therefore he understands and speaks a bit of Croatian.)

Print run: 39.721 copies

Size of the report: 7.5 pages

Date of publishing: July/August 2007


The TV series "Istrien rund" - shown on two TV programmes aired in 2007, refers to a group of Danish families who are planning a camping-trip to Croatia. 

Beside the practical advice on the journey itself, camp-destinations and sights, the reporter also speaks to the viewer with a language and style filled with simplicity and closeness. A lot of Danish people inspired by the programme contacted the office in Denmark. 

Reporter: Anne-Vibeke Isaksen (Anne-Vibeke Isaksen is a reporter who is, we could freely say, an excellent connoisseur of the camping offer around the globe. Anne-Vibeke is a famous and popular host of the travelogue programme on Danish television and together with her husband, photographer Rasmus Schønning, she toured more than 70 countries of the world. Mrs. Isaksen is also the editor of the most popular camping web pages on the Scandinavian market ( -, -, -

Date of broadcast: 31.10.2006 - 4.02.2007

Length of the report: 2 broadcasts, 25 minutes each, total: 50 minutes

Ratings: 1.100.000 viewers