Journalist: Mitja Gustinčič has been an automobile journalist since 1978, and is the Editor of the magazine motoSI and author of several books. He is a keen automobile racer himself.

In his travel report "Slavonia - between heaven and earth", the journalist describes the scenery, people, and especially the tastes he encountered during his car tour of the eastern most parts of Croatia. The author paints a very idiosyncratic picture of Slavonia and Baranja, bringing this region closer to Slovenian visitors, who are still relatively unfamiliar with it. The report covers natural and cultural sites and pays special attention to the culinary and wine offer, always adding welcome tips for motorcyclists.

Circulation: 1,800
Size: 14 pages
Date of publication: December, 2008
Estimated value: 22,400 €


Journalists: Journalists of the VAŠ KANAL TV, a regional Slovenian TV station from Novo Mesto, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. It enjoys great ratings and popularity in Slovenia. More than 100 employees of this independent station create 11 hours of programming daily, covering Southeastern Slovenia, and a large part of northern Croatia. Owing to its internet TV, available at, there are no more borders and nearly everyone can watch it. 

For Slovenian visitors, Croatia is traditionally one of the most popular tourist destinations. Last year, in Biograd the summer season started with a spectacular presentation of the culinary and wine offer from all over Croatia, on a 400-meter long tasting table on the waterfront. It was this event that was covered in an attractive report shot by the Slovenian "Vaš Kanal" TV. This documentary program managed to bring the atmosphere of this innovative presentation, as well as the general tourist offer of Biograd and Dalmatia, into the homes of the Slovenian public. 

Air date: July 2nd + 3 re-runs in July and August of 2008 
Duration: 20 minutes