Golden pen 2008.



Journalist: Karin Hauenstein-Schnurrer was born in 1968 in Germany, and has been living in Austria since 1991. After two decades of a variety of career choices (an education in graphics, surgical instrument saleswoman), she has found her calling in writing, but has retained her versatility: she writes for magazines and publishers, as well as for the hotel and restaurant sector. A certain ‘joie de vivre' dominates her writing, and she refuses to confine herself to cuisine and the wine cellar. 

Over the last couple of years, this journalist has paid special attention to Croatia. There is certainly no other journalist in Austria who has written as much about traveling in Croatia and its gastronomy. She is an eminent journalist who has written for magazines such as VINARIA GOURMET, ADAC-REISEN, ACE LENKRAD and ALPE ADRIA MAGAZIN and is the author of the book "The OPATIJA-Riviera". One can see just how much the journalist is in love with Croatia from her web site. Since 2001, she has been following events in Croatia with great interest, especially in Istria and Kvarner. Therefore, Croatia is often the main inspiration for her journalistic and literary work. She writes for magazines whose readers are gourmets and world-travelers, and for her, Croatia is a beautiful country with magnificent natural surroundings, hospitable hosts and an extremely interesting history, whose traces can be seen on every corner. She is aware that for the large majority of Croatian people, tourism is an important source of income, which is why she is more than glad to spread the word about it. 

She has been nominated for the Golden Pen Award for her 10-page article published in the magazine VINARIA GOURMET in January 2008, "Frühlingserwachen am Meer". 

Size: 10 pages
Date of publication: January, 2008
Estimated value: 40,000 €