Journalist: Jan Blažej is one of the most prominent journalists of his generation, a leading economic journalist, who specializes in tourism. He is the long-term editor of several prominent economic weeklies in Slovakia. 

The journalist is nominated for his reports "Najstarší v Dalmácii - Vis" (The eldest in Dalmatia - Vis), "Strážcovia Jadranu" (The Keepers of the Adriatic), "Na vlnách Jadranu" (On the waves of the Adriatic), "Luxus u Pucića" (Luxury in Pucić), "Antistresovo - Lastovo" (Against stress - Lastovo). The reports are very professional and detailed, bringing readers close to the Croatian islands, their highlights, attractions and romance that has not been lost over time. They invite readers to visit the islands, which are presented as an oasis of calm, where tourists can discover the enchanting natural surroundings, ancient history, rich culinary offer and a wide range of selected wines. 


Journalists: Ladislav Slaninka is a journalist and director of the Nove Mesto TV, and Bronislav Kollar is a prominent Slovakian cameraman. 

The nominated report, shown on the Nove Mesto - Omega plus TV is a 30-minute feature that is made up of 6 separate reports: Dubrovnik, Lastovo, Ston, Lokrum, Mlini and Cavtat. It was shot during a group study trip of Slovakian journalists to Croatia in June 2008. The reports show the destinations visited by the journalists while sailing through the Southern Adriatic. 

Air date: August 11th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd and 25th, 2008
Duration: 30 minutes (6 independent reports)
Viewers: 1,500,000 viewers daily
Estimated value: 486,000,00 Sk