USA and Canada

Mike DeSimone i Jeff Janssen


Mr. Mike DeSimone and Mr. Jeff Jenssen have been awarded as the authors of the article "Croatia in Living Color", published in a highly respected U.S. magazine Wine Enthusiast. The seven page long article describes Croatia as the homeland of Marco Polo and the country ideal for fans of "historic wine" and good food, interwoven with various influences from Italy to Eastern Europe. Mike DeSimoe and Jeff Jensse, also known as the "World Wine Guys", are distinguished American journalists who cover the topics of wine, drink and travel. Wine Guys write for Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Wine Spectator,, Shermans Travel, etc. When not traveling the world looking for the next good wine, they participate in many prestigious wine shows as judges.

Ashley Colburne


Ms. Ashley Colburn was awarded as the producer of "Take Off With Ashley Colburn: Croatia" of Wealth TV channel. The show was filmed in 2010, and premiered on 30 January 2011. Since then, the show lasting 30 minutes has been aired twice a month. Wealth TV is a cable television, received by 120 million viewers in America. The channel is aimed at well-to-do-households and its subjects include travel, gastronomy, cars etc. Ashley Colburn began her career in 2009 as a presenter, producer and reporter for Wealth TV. The first show she produced, "WOW Croatia" won the prestigious Emmy Award in 2010. This year she founded her own production company, Ashley Colburn Production, and continues to record the travel series "Take Off With Ashley Colburn."