United Kingdom


Journalist: Norman Wright is a long-term tourism journalist and regularly writes reports about various world destinations. He has visited Croatia and written articles about it on several occasions.

In his first report, in ‘Choice' magazine, the journalist shares his impression of Croatia, describing it as a destination that the British have rediscovered on account of its new high level of quality services. As he himself says, a couple of things have changed - the hospitality, sun, natural and cultural beauties have remained the same, it is very price competitive compared to other Mediterranean destinations, and a change to the positive is that much has been invested into the infrastructure (roads, air-connections, hotels). He toured Istria, Kvarner and Zagreb. In his second report, the journalist shares his experiences in Rab, Zadar and Split in a similar way. 

Circulation: 85,000
Size: 2 x 8 pages
Date of publication: January and February, 2008


Journalist: David Minchin, a prominent producer of the TALKBACK THAMES production company, which produced the first season of Wish You Were Here Now & Then, a program that has been broadcast for the past 30 years. TALKBACK THAMES is one of the most prominent British production companies, working for several TV stations, including ITV and BBC. Some of its most popular programs are X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

The ITV TV station featured an 11-minute report on Croatia in its program "Wish You Were Here Now & Then", hosted by the popular Sarah Heaney. The feature covered Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and Opatija. 

Air Date: January and July 2008
Duration: 11 minutes
Viewers: millions
Estimated value: around 2 million GBP