Journalist: Josep Guijarro Triadó is the Editor-in-Chief and Director of the ‘Rutas del Mundo' magazine. He works as an associate for other radio programs on the channels Onda Cero Radio and Radio Katalunja. He worked as Editor-in-Chief for the magazines "Mas Alla de la Ciencia" and "Karma7". He received the "silver microphone - APEI RTV" award for his work in the "Hoy por Hoy Vallés" program on the Cadena SER radio station and was an editor in the "Ser Actual" magazine.

The nominated report covers Zagreb, how it is preparing for EU accession and its history. The feature presents Zagreb as a must-see destination when one travels to Croatia, shows its laid-back and cheerful atmosphere, as well as its contemporary and dynamic feel, varied colours and scents, and hospitality. 

Circulation: 60,000
Size: 12 pages
Date of publication: December, 2008
Estimated value: 79,200


Canal Cocina TV Channel
"Escapadas con Gusto" is a 30 minute program dedicated to international travel and gastronomy, presenting various countries and cities from around the world through gastronomy, local products, wine and interaction with the people. 

Air date: May 31st, 2008, twice 
Duration: 2x 22 minutes
Estimated value: 29,400.00 €