Golden pen Italy
Golden pen Italy


Gianna Testa in her  reportage for the magazine “In viaggio” talks about the island of Brač, the island of white marble where man and rock live, and create from marble. Marble marks the island of Brač, its architecture of towns and villages, its is the most valuable “fruit of the land”, together with the Zlatni Rat beach. She visited Pučisća, Bobovišća, Povlja and Sumartin, the beautiful Bol and the marina in Milna, where only at sunset the white marble houses get the red color. After this year’s ceremony Gianna will continue to explore our land and she will travel to destinations of the Šibenik-Knin County and Zagreb.


Andrea Lessona every year publishes a couple of reportages, like this one about the mill on the Mura river. The reportages was created as a result of a PPS (off-season program) study trip. In the blog he writes about the floating mill docked off the coast of this small village in the Varaždin County, close to Sveti Martin na Muri and the border between Croatia and Slovenia. Moreover, was presented with an award by the Lonely Planet as the best tourist blog/travel blog in Italy.