The Netherlands

Daan Vermeer

Daan Vermeer is specialized in travel journalism and is the editor of the journal Reisgids. During his study trip to Croatia, Daan visited Istria, particularly emphasizing the beauty of the interior of the region. He discovered and enjoyed the truffles, wine, olive oil, the untouched nature and history at every step.

René Pluijm

Mr. Pluijm is production manager running two very successful and popular TV programmes on RTL 4 in the Netherlands: ‘Pluijm on the way’ and ‘Pluijm's world of delicious food’. His love for food was turned into a 45 minute long show, which was filmed in Istria, entitled ‘Abundance and relaxation in Istria’. Wonderful for Croatian food culture is that in Istria everything can be found in very nearby: truffles in the woods next to the house, excellent beef on a nearby farm and especially fine oysters in the sea, which is also within reach.