Runar Larsen


Mr. Runar Larsen was honored for a series of reports published in the Norwegian travel magazine "Travel Zine" and on the website entitled "Europas vakreste skjaergård" (The most beautiful archipelago in Europe). In the thematic issue dedicated to Croatia, the author tells the story of gastronomy, oenology in Istria, sailing in Dalmatia, active holidays in Omiš, and the island of Hvar, a favourite of celebrities. Rune Larsen belongs to a younger generation of journalists who, like most of his peers, did not know much about Croatia before visiting it. His knowledge of our country was partly laden with images of turmoil and war from the nineties. He came to Croatia in 2010 as a backpacker and traveled the coast from Dubrovnik to Istria. The result surprised him so much that he dedicated nearly the whole of the March issue of the magazine to a Croatian theme. Whilst visiting Croatia, Runar Larsen met his countrymen on every step of the way and they recounted their experiences of holidaying in Croatia. They recommended new adventures from a mini-cruise "Aphrodite" which takes you from Split to Hvar and Brač, fantastic entertainment on the island of Hvar, rafting on river Cetina and an adventurous pirates’ race to gastronomic sensations in Istria. Relaxed, youthful enthusiasm with the newly discovered destination, its dramatic beauty and diversity, easygoing style and the way of life of the Croatian Mediterranean, inspired the author so much that he stylistically and emotionally managed to make this destination attractive and desirable to the younger Norwegian population. Reports are enriched with photographs, which were mostly taken by the author himself.