Christiane Binder

Written material

The author Christiane Binder published a report entitled`Dubrovnik` in the magazine Saisonküche, after her study tour of Croatia, in which she describes the old town as a pearl of architecture and culinary delights, as a large restaurant in which international food chains have not been established. Wine -cellars with traditional dishes and famous restaurants make Dubrovnik`s gastronomy special. The interesting history of Dubrovnik is reflected among other things in the cuisine, that is respected by famous visitors from all over the world. The author boasts the clearness of the sea and the quality of sea food, while with the descriptions of dishes she also offers recipes. In the article the author mentions how the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, is back to its former glory.

Christiane Binder, born in Stuttgart, worked as editor for "Stuttgarter Nachrichten", after volunteering, then for the Swiss daily paper FACTS, and after in the magazine Vanity Fair in Berlin. She is currently living in Switzerland, and is writing for Sonntagsblic as well as Saisonküche