Monika Witkowska

Written material

Mrs. Monika Witkowska has been collaborating with the Croatian Tourist Board`s representative office in Poland for more than 10 years. The result of this collaboration is a few dozen articles and reports about Croatia, whilee only in the last year there have been reports published in papers such as Gazeta Wyborcza Toruń, Gazeta Wyborcza Warszawa, Gazeta Wyborcza Katowice, Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza Białystok, and two reports in the magazines Obiezyświat and Jachting Motorowy. She is being awarded this year for a report in the magazine Jachting Motorowy, under the title `Girls, wine and music`.

Along with a lot of personal impressions the report also brings a lot of useful information about the island of Hvar and Central Dalmatia, especially interesting for sailors. Monika Witkowska is one of the most well known Polish freelance journalists, who is also an alpinist, a Himalayist, a sailorwoman, a paraglider and a skier. She has noted all her travels and adventures across 150 countries of the world, through beautiful reports, photographs and numerous travel record albums. A participant in numerous Polish and international expeditions and a conqueror of the above 6000 meters high mountain tops in the Andes and the Himalayas. She has had reports and articles published in the magazines National Geographic-Traveler, Podróże, Poznaj Świat, Obieżyświat, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Extremium, Sukces, Jachting Motorowy, as well as her blog.