Journalist: Justin Paul 
The 12-page report "What's Driving Croatia" is accompanied by 33 photographs. In it, the journalist describes the Croatian Coast, the historical and cultural sites of Dubrovnik and Split, the islands of Hvar, Brač, Korčula and many other places of interest. 

Circulation: 250,000
Size: 12 pages
Date of publication: March/April, 2008 
Estimated value: 275,000 USD


Journalist: Ralf Pagano has been delighting Americans for 20 years as a TV chef. He is the host of a tourism-culinary program Pressure Cook. In it, Pagano travels the world and needs to use his culinary charm to find a job so he can earn enough money for his ticket back home. 

The 25-minute TV report is part of the program "Pressure Cook", hosted by the energetic and witty New York chef Ralf Pagan, and was shot in Zagreb and Rab. In the Croatian episode, Pagan begins his journey through Croatia on Medvedgrad, showing Zagreb, the Dolac market, and, after that, the island of Rab. The episode has been featured 25 times on the Mojo channel.

Air date: 25 times during 2008
Viewers: around 7 million viewers
Duration: 25 minutes each
Estimated value: 3 million USD