Journalist: Peter Fürst
The ‘Schweizer Familie' magazine published a 6-page article on the Island of Hvar, entitled "Eine Insel zum verlieben", describing the beauties of Hvar and offering recommendations on accommodation, entertainment, restaurants and beaches. 

Circulation: 185,000 
Size: 6 pages
Date of publication: 
Estimated value: 147,500.00 €


Journalist: Sven Sarbach started his career as a journalist and continued working as a news editor at a local TV station in Bern: Telebärn. Nine years ago, he started working for the national television SF where he worked as a journalist and editor for the news program "Schweiz aktuell". After that, he became part of the national television entertainment program, where he became a producer for extremely popular programs such as "Music Star", "The Miss Switzerland Pageant" and the "Mr. Switzerland Pageant". Dedicating himself to developing new entertainment programs, he became Editor-in-Chief of the Entertainment Department on January 1st, 2009. Sarbach is the producer of the greatest Swiss TV shows "SwissAward", "Greatest Swiss Hits" and "Eurovision Song Contest Moskva". 

A 23-minute feature on Croatia has been nominated, which was aired during a live program of the Mr. Switzerland pageant, on April 5th, 2008, in the primetime slot. Apart form the footage shot by the Swiss crew, the feature included motifs of Croatian destinations. About a million viewers watched the show, and its value is estimated at 709,574.00 CHF (around 443.483,00 EUR).

Air date: September, 2008
Viewers: around 1 million
Duration: 23 minutes
Estimated value: around 443.483,00 EUR