Journalist: Inge Lundereng is a travel journalist from Norway. He writes a weekly column in the leading Norwegian men's magazine Vi Menn, and writes annual reports for the number one Norwegian daily Aftenpost. He has been working as a travel journalist for 20 years.

A special 26-page feature of the ‘Aftenposten' daily, entitled ‘KROATIA', generated great interest and curiosity amongst its readers. The report on continental Croatia, cultural attractions, events calendar, active tourism, and the economy is still prompting ‘Aftenposten' readers to contact the daily about it. With the choice of topics and a light, unfettered style, the author proves he knows the interests of modern globetrotters very well. He presents the attractive destinations in Croatia to contemporary Norwegians in a very laid back manner, and manages to unify these interests in a very natural way. 

Circulation: 250,000 
Size: 26 pages
Date of publication: March 26th, 2008