Hvar included in the 50 best travel destinations

Category: Press releases
Published: Wed, 23.11.2022 - 10:49

The American edition of the famous travel magazine and portal TRAVEL + LEISURE published a report on the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2023, and the authors of the report are experienced editors who divided the destinations into several categories, and what is important to highlight for Croatia is that the island of Hvar was among the top five destinations in the category "For Moments on the Water".

According to all upward trends, 2023 will be the year of the official travel recovery , that is why the editors divided the article into categories due to the great demand and diverse offer, so for example, categories were created on the topic of cultural tourism, eno-gastronomy, city break tourism, etc.

The island of Hvar is thus included together with destinations such as Ghana, the Gorée Island, the Galápagos Islands and Greenland. Editor Nina Ruggiero, who authored the text, emphasized Hvar as the island with the greatest number of sunny days in Croatia, with over 100 miles of bike paths, and kayak trips to secluded beaches are also highlighted. A clear night sky, which enables an incredible view of the stars, is also highlighted, as well as the town of Jelsa, which was deservedly declared the first international community of dark skies in southern Europe in 2022, which guarantees a spectacular view of the clear starry sky, and the medieval town of Velo Grablje from the 14th century, which reaches its peak in July with the blooming of lavender and superb food and wine offer and family activities.

In Hvar itself, a number of affordable and sustainable hotels are highlighted, and Beach Bay, which was opened last summer with a solar energy system and an obligation to respect the UNESCO sustainable travel pledge, is highlighted. Publications of this type represent a significant value for the island of Hvar and the Split-Dalmatia County, creating an additional reason for guests to come during the post-season.