The Croatian institute of public health published instructions for accommodation providers related to guests exhibiting covid symptoms

Category: Press releases
Published: Sat, 20.06.2020 - 14:34

The Croatian Institute of Public Health published the latest recommendations in which they outline protocol regarding any guests that may exhibit Covid symptoms. 

Recommendations indicate that foreign tourists for which covid-19 is confirmed will immediately be transferred to the designated health facility, while domestic tourists with milder symptoms will be sent home in isolation preferably via their own transport. 
These recommendations  are currently available only in Croatian.
Foreign guests who have been in contact with a person that is infected may also return to their home countries before the end of isolation, after consultation with their home country's public health authorities.

Also, employees in any accommodation facility where any infected tourist was located, and who are also infected, must undergo hospital treatment or isolation, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Employees that are not confirmed cases, but have been in contact with an infected tourist, must be placed in isolation.

The doctor who has requested the patient's quarantine or self-isolation will inform them about the end of the isolation period and provide confirmation of the patient's state of health, as outlined amongst other instructions published on the Croatian Institute of Public Health website.