Virginie Berda


Ms. Virginia Berda has been awarded for the program on Croatia, broadcast to the public on the TV channel France 5, on 10 and 18 December 2011. This channel is dedicated mainly to educational, historical and cultural programs. TV show "Echappées Belles," which featured Croatia is normally dedicated to discoveries and culture. The mission of the presenters Pitorin Jérôme and Sophie Jovillard is to visit, get to know and understand the history of a country through its people, history and landscape. The show on Croatia presented our country as a true lifestyle destination. In addition to the historical heritage of Dubrovnik and its preserved values, the show portrays life on the Elaphiti Islands, the lighthouse keeper, fishermen and acappella singers from Vela Luka, as well as the diversity of life in the National Park Northern Velebit.