Zadar Named One Of The Top 10 City Destinations In 2019 By Lonely Planet

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Published: Tue, 23.10.2018 - 15:59

One of the world's most famous travel guides, Lonely Planet, published the prestigious guide "Best in Travel 2019", which contains recommended destinations to be visited in 2019. This selected and elite list includes Zadar as well, which earned a prestigious recommendation in the category of cities. This is the world’s biggest annual campaign by Lonely Planet within which besides the cities, also countries and regions are recommended, but also travels with the best value for money.

“The inclusion of Zadar in the list of top city destinations for 2019 is a fantastic recognition for Croatian tourism as a whole. It is also a confirmation of quality offer in the destination, i.e. the reputation that the city of Zadar has in the world. In cooperation with local tourist boards, we intend to use this recommendation to further implement promotional activities that will aim at even better positioning of Zadar, the Zadar region, but also of Croatia as a whole”, stated the Director of the Croatian National Tourist board Kristjan Staničić, congratulating all tourist operators and citizens of Zadar on this achievement.

Mihaela Kadija, the Director of the Tourist Board of the Zadar County announced excellent promotional effects of this nomination. "Last year's campaign reached a total of three billion people, and promotional videos were viewed ten million times, while social media networks recorded more than one million interactions. These results suggest that this nomination will even more bring our region, Zadar, as well as Croatia, even more close to world travellers”, stated Kadija.

The process of selecting world’s best destinations and travels includes a team of experts and members of the Lonely Planet community, who use a number of strict criteria in the selection of the best destinations in various categories. Zadar has been selected as one of the 10 most desirable cities in 2019, and the list includes also Copenhagen, Shenzhen, Novi Sad, Miami, Kathmandu, Mexico City, Dakar, Seattle and Meknes.

"We are extremely proud of this award to our city, Zadar! Zadar has been recognized by the eminent tourist experts and one of the world's most influential guide, which is a confirmation that we're going in the right tourism direction. By winning the European Best Destination in 2016 we achieved a significant marketing effect in both national and foreign media, as well as on social media networks. This year's Lonely Planet award will result in even better positioning among world’s leading tourist destinations", stated proudly Mario Paleka, the Director of the Tourist Board of the city of Zadar.

In addition, Lonely Planet’s description of Zadar states that this is a destination that has risen from the ashes of its war past and which today become a lively cosmopolitan destination in which visitors can discover excellent bars and relaxing cafes, ancient ruins, innovative museums, and traditional rustic restaurants. From the unforgettable experiences that Zadar offers, Lonely Planet’s experts especially mention the walk on the Zadar’s waterfront promenade with the relaxing sound of the Sea Organ, and the boat transport across the harbour which represents centuries-long tradition of Zadar’s barkajoli (boatmen).

Tom Hall, the Editor-in-Chief of Lonely Planet thinks that Zadar’s spontaneity allows travellers to easily connect with the local way of life and culture. "The energy and vibrancy of the City are perfectly included in ancient history which present in the landscape and architecture. This is a corner of paradise with an attitude, and travellers will surely fall in love with it”, concluded Hall.

The recommendations of the "Best in Travel 2019" by category are available on this link.

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