Special recognition to Bill Belichick for promoting Croatia

Published: Sat, 08.06.2024 - 17:51

At the end of the Sunset Sports Media Festival in Zadar, the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, awarded a special recognition to Bill Belichick, the most famous American NFL coach with Croatian roots, for his contribution to the promotion of Croatia during his professional career in the United States. He is the historically the most successful American football coach who is happy to point out his Croatian origins whenever he gets the chance. He often wore Croatian symbols with particular pride at NFL games.

"Bill Belichick, in addition to occupying the top of the sports world rankings, played an important role in the promotion of Croatia at the international level, often emphasizing his pride and respect for his Croatian roots, for which we are extremely grateful to him. By raising the awareness of people all over the world about the values of our country, this sports leader greatly contributed to the recognition of Croatia on the global tourism scene, and especially on the American market, our most important long-haul market", said director Staničić, adding that Sunset The Sports Media Festival in Zadar, whose focus is on influential sports professionals, proved to be an ideal opportunity to award this prestigious award.    

Also, the well-known sports coach ceremonially received a Croatian passport in Zadar, which was presented to him by the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, Tonči Glavina.

"With this festival and eminent guests from the worlds of both sports and media, we are able to present Croatia as a country that is an important partner for business cooperation in the sports and tourism segments. In this way, we also send the message that Croatia has an interesting overall tourist offer and that our country is a great sports nation that is also an excellent organizer of major sports competitions and events. We are extremely happy and proud that we had the opportunity to host the greatest coach in the NFL, Bill Belichick, and present him with a Croatian passport. Mr. Belichick always proudly points out his Croatian origin, which contributes to the promotion of Croatia, and we aim to continue cooperation with him in the sports and tourism promotion of Croatia", said minister Glavina.    

Bill thanked Director Staničić and Minister Glavina for these special gestures.

Having won eight Super Bowls and holding the title of the best coach of the most popular sport in the USA, and at the same time emphasizing the importance of his Croatian heritage, it is unquestionable that Belichick has acquired the status of Croatia's favorite promoter in America, but also more widely, which, among others, was recognized by the Government of the Republic Croatian. Just a reminder that earlier this week, the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković presented Bill Belichick with a certificate of Croatian citizenship.