Public calls for joint advertising and strategic promotional campaigns in 2020

Category: Press releases
Published: Thu, 29.08.2019 - 11:52

The Croatian National Tourist Board has published a Public call for joint advertising in promotional campaigns for the public and private sector which includes general destination promotion, promotion of accommodation and other forms of tourist offer of a specific destination and a Call for expression of interest for the implementation of strategic promotional campaigns in emissive markets in the year 2020 which includes cooperation with partners from the tourism industry in the active promotion of the Croatian tourist offer.

The public call for joint advertising in 2020 is addressed to public and private sector entities, encompassing three different models. The first model includes joint destination advertising of the tourist board system, through which the CNTB with the help of the tourist board system will carry out the destination promotion. In the second model, the cooperation with the offer holders for their destination will be done by the system of tourist boards who submit their request to the CNTB for approval, while the third model involves the joint advertising of the nautical tourism offer carried out by the CNTB together with the entities who are planning marketing campaigns. In this particular model, advertising is carried out through promotional campaigns by the tourist boards system and offer holders. Applications shall be submitted exclusively by regular post for models 1 and 2 to the different County Tourist Boards, while applications for model 3 are submitted to the CNTB. The deadline for submitting all applications is Friday, 27 September 2019.

The call for expression of interest for the implementation of strategic promotional campaigns in emissive markets for the year 2020 is aimed at all travel organizers from foreign markets who offer all kinds of organized programmes for Croatia, with the emphasis on joint campaigns in the public media. The cooperation with the chosen partner aims at raising awareness of the Croatian brand on the selected strategic market through advertising on social networks, online media, radio, television and outdoor advertising as well as print media advertising. Partners who are interested can submit their proposals for cooperation together with the relevant documentation to the representative offices of the CNTB operating on the relevant markets and with whom they will agree on the deadlines for the submission of the documentation.
The abovementioned public calls have been published on the CNTB website and are available by clicking on the following link.