Promotion of Croatian destinations through virtual walks on

Category: Press releases
Published: Tue, 08.08.2023 - 13:34

One of the most popular and visited websites in Croatia is the tourist information portal of the Croatian National Tourist Board,, which is now even more attractive, modern and rich in content. Namely, 63 virtual walks in VR 360 technology are published on the portal, available in four languages, i.e. in Croatian, English, German and Italian. It is a platform that enables users to view and interact in a 360-degree environment, i.e. to explore destinations, surrounding places and localities in a high-quality virtual experience.

"We continuously invest in promotion and communication channels and keep up with modern trends. Digitalization of Croatian tourism, along with sustainability, represents one of the key strategic directions of its further development, so in the future we will additionally upgrade this VR platform with new technological solutions, as well as materials for new destinations and language variants", said Kristjan Staničić, director of CNTB. 

Systems of this type and their use in promotion enable users to experience destinations through a completely new process and experience. Namely, the research of destinations has been made easier for users in a creative way, and the way of informing about them has gained a new meaning and dimension with this technology.

This VR platform is also available on the new Explore Croatia mobile app, which is designed as an additional tool to help explore the best tourist attractions, cultural and historical locations, and untouched natural beauty. The app was created as part of the Croatian digital tourism 'e-Tourism' project where six tourism products are presented, with a special focus placed on three phases of travel: planning, experience and content sharing.