ISABS Conference in Dubrovnik - the biggest gathering of Nobel prize laureates

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Published: Fri, 10.02.2017 - 10:00
Primorac_Cappelli_Ivicic (Mint)

The Tenth ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine is a conference dedicated to new discoveries in medicine, forensics, and anthropologic genetics. The conference will be held in Dubrovnik from 19 to 24 June, and it is expected to host more than 500 participants from 40 countries. In addition to the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), the organisers of the conference include the leading American health institution, the Mayo Clinic, and the partner institution is the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. It is the world’s leading forensic organisation involving 7,500 most influential experts in the field of forensic sciences.

As part of the conference, in addition to the lectures by leading world’s experts in the field of clinical and molecular medicine, forensic and anthropological genetics, lectures will also be held by five Nobel prize laureates in the fields of chemistry and medicine, which is the largest gathering of Nobel price laureates outside of Sweden