Excellent results achieved in the second part of the promotional campaign “Epic Week in Croatia”

Category: Press releases
Published: Wed, 18.10.2017 - 12:03
Ivo Biočina

Almost 40 million people were reached and more than 50 thousand new fans gained on social media networks! Those are the fantastic results of the second part of the promotional campaign “Epic Week in Croatia”, launched by the Croatian National Tourist Board on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest social media networks. This campaign was launched with the aim of motivating fans and potential tourists to create their own dream vacation, which they can spend in Croatia. A prize game was created within the campaign, through which Croatia was additionally positioned as a destination with a rich and diversified offer where there is something for everyone. In addition to the posts by the Croatian National Tourist Board on social media, the visibility of the campaign was increased also by the posts of Croatian Olympic athletes and foreign bloggers, who have also supported this creative campaign.

Therefore, within this second part of the “Epic Week” campaign, all participants had the opportunity to create their ideal vacation through a special website of the campaign, where 200 activities in Croatia were offered. The concept of the campaign and the prize game implied the selection of seven activities that make the dream vacation, and the participants had also the opportunity to choose among the locations, attractions, cities and towns, but also flavours they want to experience and taste during their visit to Croatia. Everyone who selected the seven activities and shared them on their social media networks had the opportunity to participate in the prize game, and the participants whose posts got the most likes entered the grand final. The main prize was awarded to the person who explained and described in a best way why the award should go to her, and this time it was a participant from Italy. She made a creative and original presentation about Croatia as a tourist destination and the reasons why she deserves the trip for two, and within which she will experience the seven activities she had chosen for her dream vacation.