Croatian Motorways (HAC) campaign - for safe travel

Category: Press releases
Published: Fri, 10.07.2020 - 14:53

The Croatian Motorways (HAC) has launched a safe travel information campaign in the context of the corona virus pandemic. Given the increase in the number of those infected by the corona virus in Croatia and other European countries, but also intensified tourist traffic IN THE COUNTRY, a leaflet was prepared in 8 languages and distributed by the Croatian Automobile Club as well as other automobile clubs and camping organizations in countries where most motorized tourist traffic comes from. The leaflets contain information on travel planning, contactless payment models as well as recommendations for adhering to epidemiological measures.

Signs calling for compliance with epidemiological measures are being placed on the entire network of Croatian Motorways and Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway, and they will be located at rest areas through highways, sales offices and petrol stations of INA, CRODUX, TIFON and PETROL, which are partners in this campaign. The bilingual signs contain a QR code link to the website.

With the opening of borders, the arrival of foreign tourists and the holiday season for domestic travelers, traffic on motorways is increasing, as well as congestion in facilities on motorways, so a balanced information campaign seeks to maintain awareness of the corona virus and encourages responsible behavior.

The messages of the information campaign arec aligned with the Croatia's Civil Protection Directorate recommendations, and the templates of the information signs were also given to other motorway concessionaires in Croatia. Croatian Motorways is also the first domestic motorway operator to launch their own Instagram profile @hrvatske_autoceste