Croatia is the number one foreign car destination for German tourists

Category: Press releases
Published: Thu, 09.07.2020 - 11:58

According to the results of the annual survey of the German car club ADAC "Routenplanner", one of the largest and most popular European car clubs, Croatia is in second place according to the number of most frequent inquiries of German car drivers for travel during the summer holidays, immediately after Germany said director of the CNTB in Germany, Romeo Draghicchio.

"We know that the German market is our most important in-bound market, and despite the current situation, interest in the arrival of Germans to Croatia is not decreasing. Compared to our competing countries in the Mediterranean, along with safety and a good epidemiological situation, our comparative advantage is proximity and accessibility by car. Since the beginning of July, 107,000 German arrivals to Croatia were recorded and 807,000 overnights, which is 90 percent of the results of overnights in the same period last year“, said Kristjan Stanicic, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, adding that research has shown that according to the number of inquiries, Istria is the most popular region, followed by Upper Bavaria, and Dalmatia is in third place.

The survey covered 85,000 inquiries during May and June 2020, and Croatia, with 14 percent of inquiries, compared to 9 percent from last year, is for the first time is highly ranked second, namely in first place if we look at foreign destinations mentioned in the German survey. According to the survey, Germany ranks first with 37 percent of inquiries, while 11.5 percent of inquiries were related to Turkey, which was ranked third. Italy, after last year's second place, fell to fourth place this year, and Austria is in fifth place.

You can view the full results of the research via this link.