CNTB and Croatian Motorways beautified Lučko toll with Sakarun Bay                     

Category: Press releases
Published: Fri, 09.07.2021 - 14:57

In order to make foreign and domestic tourist's trip as pleasant and attractive as possible, Croatian Motorways in joint cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board wanted to transfer part of the natural beauty of Croatia to the Lučko toll station. For years the building of the Lučko toll station has been exclusively in the function of toll collection, but as of last week it has become a projection of the beautiful bay Sakarun.

As Lučko is a starting point for most tourists towards coastal destinations, we believe that with this visual provides visitors a pleasant start to their drive on the highway and shows at least a fraction of Croatia’s beauty.

With the aim to make the tourist season last as long as possible, Croatian Motorways have undertaken a number of activities such as information campaign at the rest stops about the importance of responsible behavior and driving while traveling. They have also invited all users who have not yet used the ENC system to do so as soon as possible, because by purchasing an ENC device they can pay the toll contactlessly, and also get a significant discount on the toll.