Become a part of CNTB's communication platform Enjoy the view from Croatia!

Category: Press releases
Published: Wed, 27.05.2020 - 16:51

After launching the well-received communication concept #CroatiaLongDistanceLove, the Croatian National Tourist Board launched a new communication platform Enjoy the view from Croatia last week, through which it wants to motivate all travel lovers from key markets   and especially long-haul markets to return  to Croatia or to visit Croatia for the first time when conditions for travel will be met.

The campaign focuses mainly on dear guests for the markets where due to the situation caused by the corona virus pandemic, unfortunately will not be able to travel to Croatia in the near-term. These are countries such as UK, Scandinavian countries, France, Italy, but also long-haul markets such as China, the US and South Korea.

For this reason, we would like you to support our new communication platform Enjoy the view from Croatia, and in this way contribute to the image of Croatian tourism and help to present our beautiful country to the world at large.

Whether you are an accommodation provider, owner of a catering facilitiy, agency employee, member of a tourist board, resident of a tourist destination or simply a travel enthusiast, we invite you to send us a photo or video that you think will best convey the best view that will entice travelers to visit your destination.

For the purpose of the campaign, a new website and Instagram profile were created where one can find beautiful "views from Croatia" and these can include your view of the sea, sunset, meadow, square, street or a city corner. These photos or a short videos, will provide a samll piece of the local atmosphere to all lovers of Croatia and brighten up their day, but also show that we have not forgotten about them and that we are waiting for them in our beautiful country as soon as the conditions will be favourable for them to visit us.

You can send your photo or video via email to [email protected], or submit via the @enjoytheview_fromcroatia Instagram profile, and you can share them on your own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles using the hashtag #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia.

All campaign details can be found on