Shanghai 2019: Submission #10

Podaci o gospodarskom subjektu

Naziv tvrtke
Ilirija d.d.
Priroda poslovanja
Ugostiteljsko turistička tvrtka
lirija Inc. is a company with more than 62 years of tradition, founded back in 1957, with headquarters in Biograd na Moru. It is accompanied with only a few other tourism companies whose operations encompass all three segments of the tourism offer: hotels, nautics and camping.
Today it is one of the 15 leading tourism companies in Croatia which are the backbone of Croatian tourism development.
It is one of the three leading tourist companies in Zadar County and the main carrier of overall economic and tourism development of Biograd na Moru.
ILIRIJA Inc. in its business operations includes the most important segments of tourism: • Hotels, • Nautics, • Camping, • Destination management company: DMK / ILIRIJA TRAVEL
Be innovative, be recognizable and special are the principles on which we base our operations, whereas the strength of our company and its brand stems from the fact that we are really one of the few Croatian tourism companies whose product successfully integrates all three key segments of the Croatian tourism supply that we present to the market as an integrated tourism product bearing the brand Ilirija travel.
Added value to the"heart" of our offer is provided by Arsenal in Zadar, heritage monument of the 17th century, designed as an "indoor town square", event boat "NADA", then the agro tourism offer through the diffuse hotel "Ražnjevića dvori," DMC agency, sports and recreation facilities, a'la carte restaurants, or simply we provide to our guests a complete experience, not only of ILIRIJA but also of the entire destination.
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