Moskva 2019: Submission #6

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Naziv tvrtke
Intermod d.o.o. Hotel Pinija
Priroda poslovanja
Turizam i ugostiteljstvo
The hotel was built in 1970 on a natural peninsula, among the pine trees that gave it its name - Pinija. Thanks to the quality of its facilities and services and its beach, the hotel soon gained recognition among guests from Croatia and abroad. Locals consider it a favourite bathing spot during summer months. Until 2000, the hotel conducted business as part of a company called “Tankerska plovidba”, and later on its owner became the “Intermod” d.o.o. company from Zadar.

The “Intermod” ownership has brought continuous modernisation with a view to improve services. In 2001 the hotel was completely modernised, when a sports and recreation area, complete with an indoor swimming pool and a fitness and beauty centre, was added to the hotel.
In 2008 the hotel was raised to four-star status, and a new outdoor swimming pool was built.
In 2015 a new wellness and fitness centre was built.
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