Golden Pen Award 2018.

 Grand Prix, David Farley - SAD
Filip Brala
Grand prix for best article: David Farley from the USA

Grand prix for best article

David Farley from the USA

David Farley is a journalist whose reports are published in all of the most important publications worldwide. His main topics of interest are travelling and gastronomy. He writes for the AFAR, New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and others. His reports brought him many journalism awards around the world. Except for being a journalist he also writes books.

Mr Farley was nominated for the Golden Pen award for his coverage of Dubrovnik in the National Geographic Traveler magazine under the title “Sun Sea Savor”. Dubrovnik’s Stradun street was on the cover page of the magazine. Dubrovnik is covered over 14 pages with all its beauty, from cultural, natural and UNESCO sights to the culinary offer.


Grand Prix, Vasily Andreev - Rusija
Filip Brala
Grand prix for the best TV material: Vasily Andreev from Russia

Grand prix for the best TV material

Vasily Andreev from Russia

Vasily Andreev is a famous producer of the Russian national television Rossiya 1, who uses his talents to bring his coverages to viewers of all ages.

Mr Andreev is the author of the 20-minute long Zagreb and Croatia coverage under the name of “Advent in Croatia”. Except for Zagreb, it portrayed the traditional flour, fritula and kroštula (traditional pastries) production in Slunj. His co-host was the popular Russian actress Olga Kuzmina who brought special charm to the coverage. The Russian audience had a chance to experience the Christmas spirit in Zagreb and Croatia during the popular Christmas season.


Grand Prix, Chiara Marchi - Italija
Filip Brala
Grand prix for the best blog: Chiara Marchi from Italy

Grand prix for the best blog

Chiara Marchi from Italy

Mrs Chiara Marchi is a blogger from Trieste who has been running a blog since 2015 under the nickname Missclarie, with more than 220.000 visitors annually. The award-winning blog titled “Cherso le 7 cose da sapere” talks about the pristine nature of the island of Cres, lonely beaches, relaxing vacations by the sea and gives seven reasons why you should visit the island of Cres: Beli village, Lubenice, the beach Sv. Ivan, the town of Cres and its sights.